Yoke Communications

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Who We Are

Yoke  - noun
1. to bond together
2. a connection between two things so they move together

Yoke Communications is a public relations consultancy working with its clients nationally to tell their stories through the media and develop relationships with the right influencers who can help their business grow. We have an intimate knowledge of the media landscape as we’ve worked as journalists and have been responsible for the publicity needs of leading radio stations and television networks.

Yoke Communications specialises in the entertainment, consumer, health, hospitality, finance, education and charity industries, with experience across all sectors. We are known for our ability to work seamlessly as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams.

We work closely with Australian print, online and broadcast journalists at every level who value the access we provide to credible experts and insights. We are constantly on the lookout for other influencers we connect with to extend our clients’ sphere of influence.

Clients choose Yoke Communications because we are fearless when it comes to helping them succeed and we don’t stop until the job is done. This is why the vast majority have worked with us since we opened our doors and how we have earned our reputation as one of the most focussed and savvy teams in the industry.

Yoke Communications is headed by Nina Tovey, a senior public relations operator experienced in every facet of public relations. She is respected for her bold strategies, honest advice and ability to become a valued long-term partner of the businesses she works with. She has earned the confidence of a wide range of clients, including some of Australia’s biggest brands, Government Departments and small-to-medium enterprises.